Utility Partners Incorporated (UPI)

UPI provides complete energy system packages on a shared-savings basis to highly qualified companies.


Utility Partners, Inc. was started in July of 1994 with the purpose of providing excellent energy solutions for clients downstream of the utility meter. This is where energy decisions and actions have the greatest impact and where the least amount of support is provided by local utilities.

For energy users to manage this situation effectively, especially with the growth and volatility of energy prices, this responsibility requires proactive involvement by energy experts who have your company’s best interests in mind. With the myriad of demands placed upon facility/energy managers, the limited internal resources, and the energy industry knowledge base changing so quickly, Utility Partners has seen wonderful receptivity for its energy performance services.

Utility Partners is committed to a tenet of “not costing customers anything” since its core services either lower energy consumption or the cost of energy purchases which create more in energy savings than whatever is charged. When working with Utility Partners you will immediately experience the qualities of honesty, integrity, and diligence.

Typical customers have been bakeries, manufacturers, concrete, and agricultural processing plants.


We have locations all over the United States


Utility Partners Incorporated
9901 Indigo Trail North
St. Paul, MN 55115

Utility Energy Systems

Utility Energy Systems, Inc. (UES) designs,
installs and services propane back-up (SNG)
systems so that companies can take advantage
of lower interruptible gas rates. UES can also
implement other energy related projects it knows
it has the competencies for and can support such as line heaters, heat recovery projects and combined heat and power systems.

Utility Propane Equipment

Utility Propane Equipment, Inc. (UPE)
offers good quality, used propane equipment
and tanks. UPE adds value through acquiring and reconditioning used propane tanks and equipment as well as maintaining many skid based quick response solutions for your application. This can save you and your company thousands of dollars in capital equipment costs and may extend your purchasing budget further.